Stretch-hood film has excellent performance characteristics, ideal for packing a heavy load, protecting it from damage and deformation.

Packaging has a high flexibility allows fast and reliably secure the goods during transport. Used to prevent shifting of goods on pallets. When packing stretch thin film covers the entire pallet, the film is put under the tray that offers complete protection from precipitation. Additional strength is achieved by fastening tight encirclement shipping film, penetrating even into the gaps. This suggests that stretch thin film best packaging solution for transportation, handling and storage of goods. Using the advanced technology of production stretch-hood film, we were able to achieve the highest performance of the material,

greatly improving its mechanical properties,stiffness and tightness of the package. Because of this holding force stretch thin film is permanent, in any position pallets, at different bias voltages and bumps.

3-layer structure
of a stretch-hood film

Due to special polymer materials in the structure, packaging stretch-hood has high elasticity and high holding force, which firmly and securely fasten the load on the pallet during transportation.

Operational principles
of stretch-hood film

Transportation of cargo to the packaging film unwinding

Unfolding "sleeve" fabric is heat-crosslinking

Stretch "sleeves" of the film above the cargo hooks palletizer

Stretching the film on the load from top to bottom

Fixed under tray

Specification for physical
and mechanical properties of
stretch-hood film

Stretch-hood film is recommended for machinery packing goods in order to their safety during transport

50 – 200 µm

thickness(nominal ± 10%)

1600 mm
maximum web width
film (folded)
4200 mm
(prerimeter “sleeve”)
Tensile strength according to ASTM D882-02 in longitudinal direction > 14MPa
in transverse direction > 14MPa
Elongation to break according to ASTM D882-02 in longitudinal direction > 500%
in transverse direction > 500%
Confinement properties in longitudinal and transverse directions according to ASTM D5459-95 Permanent deformation > 10%
Elastic recovery > 60%
Withstand voltage > 75%
Load in m. G,H > 10%
Coefficients of friction according to ASTM D1894-08 static coefficient of friction < 0,7
kinetic friction coefficient < 0,7
The high technical level of production equipment guarantees MAKING GOOD STRETCH HOOD film corresponding to the requirements of technical standard TU 25.2-31617387-003:2011. SIRIUS EXTRUSION PRODUCTS certified according to UKRSEPRO HAS sanitary-epidemiological conclusions about the safety of its use in food industry.
On the physico-mechanical properties of thin films stretch affected by ambient temperature (very low or very high temperature), direct sunlight, rain, dirt and dust, so stretch thin film is recommended to be used at temperatures from +10°C to +35°C.
film advantages

High strength, stiffness and tightness of packing

Loads pressed firmly to the pallet, and the holding force when using stretch thin film significantly more than the application is packaged in shrink-wrap. Holding force stretch thin film is always valid in any position pallets, with different displacements and bumps during transport.

High speed pallet packing

When using thin stretch film packaging products rate increases by 2.5-3 times.

Cost Reduction

Application stretch thin film 2-3 times reduces the cost per unit of packaging film, helps to optimize the costs of personnel and electricity.

Transparency and gloss

Stretch thin film has high transparency and gloss. This enables the company to highlight the appearance of a beautiful and bright packaging, and makes it easy to read information from the production and packaging sheet.