Barrier film - the best solution for packaging food, health care products, perfume and cosmetic products.

Sirius Extrusion's barrier film is manufactured with using polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyamide has a 13-layer structure. The unique formulation of film production ensures the necessary barrier properties of packaging with significant mechanical loading, increases its thermoforming, the ability to provide excellent strength characteristics. Among the advantages of using a barrier film Sirius production is a high degree of tightness and moisture resistance, and resistance to various kinds of deformations.

This suggests that barrier film has the ideal material for food packaging. It is also used for packing food additives, medical devices, equipment, sanitary and hygiene products, perfumes and cosmetic products.

structure of barrier film

13-layer structure of film is the invention of Sirius Extrusion’s professionals. This product is unique and has no analogues in the world of plastic packaging industry. Each layer has an excellent optical and mechanical characteristics, and ensures high barrier properties of the film.

Modern technological equipment and using of new materials allow to satisfy various consumer demands in the production of polymer films with appropriate barrier and physico-chemical properties: optical characteristics, the strength characteristics, the seam weldability (even in the

presence of contaminants such as oil, grease, food acids) from effect easy opening (peel-effect), protection from UV radiation, antifog-properties (preventing the formation of condensation on the surface of the film).

Possible options


Twoside printing Coating


Barrier film
Options TFF
Layer forming
Packet layer
forming film
Barrier Gas (oxygene) + + +
Taste + + +
UV-ray + + +
Mechanic Puncture strength + + +
to crack formation
in flexion
Resistance dropping + + +
Printing One side + + +
Thermoformation Depth + + +
Optical Transparensy + + +
Gloss + + +
Special Suitablefor
+ + +
Easy opening + + +
SIRIUS barrier films are CERTIFIED by European Directive 94/62/EC (EN13427: 2004, EN1186-3: 2002, EN1186-14: 2002) STANDARD UKRSEPRO that corresponds TU 25.2.30960327-001:2009 “SCREEN multilayer packaging” And have sanitary and epidemiological PROTOCOL ON SAFETY OF ITS USE IN THE FOOD INDUSTRY
All our barrier films manufactured under the trademark Eclica and have high optical and mechanical properties.
of usage
barrier films

  • High strength
  • Resistance to various kinds of deformations
  • Resistance to temperature
  • High tightness and moisture resistance
  • Excellent optical properties
  • The effect of easy opening