For production films we use only the most modern and high- tech equipment.

We cooperate with the best raw material producers in the world, including Dow Chemical Company, ExxonMobil and others. Every year we recycle up to 80,000 tons of polymers. All processes of the enterprise, from loading pellets in silos and finishing robotic unloading of finished rolls products, are automated. Production lines are equipped with advanced software that helps to maintain a continuous process and to ensure a consistently high quality products. We also implemented a system of monitoring and control of the result of ISO 9001.

Due to recycling we managed to minimize waste and to minimize the impact of the manufacturing process on the environment. All Sirius Extrusion products are certified and meet the highest international quality and safety standards.

Processing datum surface
Power substation (SIEMENS and Ukraine)
Automatic systems of granules prepearing for subsequent extrusion (Italy)
Central vacuum system for transporting granules on production lines (Germany)
Engineering machinery cooling station (Italy)
Coextrusion blown line for production stretch hood films (Germany)
5 cast coextrusion lines ( the USA and Europe)
Equipment for rewinding of stretch film into handrolls (Russia, Italy)
Automatic finished products warehouse
Termoplast HUSKY automats for producing PET preforms (Canada)
13-layer coextruded line for barrier films production (the USA)
8 colour flexo print (Spain)
Solvent laminator (Spain)
Two automated lines for cutting film (Germany)